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Jamdani is one type of MUSLIN designed with different types of characteristics named Kalka (paisley), Butidar (Saree with tiny flowers), Fulwar (flowers designed in a straight row), Tersa (diagonal patterns), Jalar (motifs evenly covering the entire saree), Duria (polka spots), Charkona (rectangular motifs), and many more. The Origin of the Saree is based in Dhaka. As a consequence Jamdani saree is mainly identified as Dhakai Jamdani. The golden period of Dhakai Jamdani started during the Mughal period. At that time Dhaka, Sonargaon (present in Narayangonj District), Dhamrai, Titabari, Jangalbari, and Bajitpur were famous places for making the best quality jamdani. Since that period Jamdani becomes the cultural heritage for Dhaka, in fact, Bangladesh. The statement from bsf.org.bd says that In 2013, the traditional art of weaving jamdani was declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In 2016, Bangladesh received geographical indication (GI) status for Jamdani Sari.

Why Jamdani sarees are so expensive?

From people’s point of view, this is a very common question and the reason behind is very logical. Making the thread of Jamdani is just the beginning. It generally takes 15- 45 days to weave any handloom Jamdani saree. The number of threads per square cm considers as a count ranging from 40 -to 300. The higher the count determines the higher the price of each saree. That is why any simple Jamdani costs 4000 BDT and it could be as high as 3,00,000 BDT and more.

Why SobboSachi is the best in Dhakai Jamdani making?

You have already acknowledged the cultural heritage of Jamdani Saree. It has been 20 years working with Jamdani Saree, Blouse, Three-piece, Handkerchief, Panjabi. The setup of my handloom Jamdani is located at Narayangonj which is the root of the original Dhakai Jamdani. The precedents of my weavers are of the Mughal period that could give you a belief in authentic Dhakai Jamdani. We emphasize more on heritage rather than the business. Offering the best quality handloom Jamdani Saree at the most affordable price is our main focus. We also Remake Sarees with a custom design Considering the client’s demands and their interest. Most of the top brands here in Bangladesh collect Jamdani from us. Every week we dispatch our Jamdani Sarees to the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc.